Ecosystems and environment

  • Natural ecosystem services analysis
  • Preparation of regional ecological plans
  • Modeling of ecosystem dynamics
  • Forestry and wildlife resource inventories
  • Biodiversity assessments
  • Forest carbon stock mapping and quantification
  • Environmental conservation and management
  • Community participation

Land resources

  • Land resource mapping
  • Land use planning
  • Land cover and land use change mapping and analysis
  • Agent based modeling
  • Land resource mapping and analysis
  • Land capability and sustainability assessments
  • Sustainable land management
  • Disaster Risk Reduction studies

Agriculture and Natural resources

  • Sustainable agriculture and management of natural resources
  • Studies on natural resource poverty-environment-livelihood nexus
  • Natural resource poverty-environment-livelihood nexus
  • Training on agronomic practices
  • Studies and analysis on food security,
  • Farming systems and agro-ecosystems analysis
  • Soil fertility studies and analysis
  • Soil salinity and soil quality remediation
  • Value chain studies and analysis
  • Marketing studies for agriculture commodities.


  • Feasibility studies for irrigation development
  • Irrigations systems designs and planning
  • Irrigation water productivity analysis
  • Irrigation water efficiency studies
  • Establishment and capacity building of Irrigators Organisations

Water resources

  • Integrated water resources management and development plans
  • Hydrological analysis
  • Design of hydraulic infrastructures
  • Ground water studies
  • Water demand management studies
  • Studies on rain water harvesting and management
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Water quality studies and management
  • Waste water management
  • Wetland management studies
  • Institutions for water management

Project Management

  • Project identification, preparation and appraisal
  • Project monitoring
  • Project mid-term reviews and terminal evaluation
  • Project impact assessment/evaluation
  • Preparation of monitoring and evaluation framework
  • Result based monitoring and evaluation
  • Training on project formulation, logical framework analysis, monitoring and evaluation

Environmental and Social management for development

  • Environmental and social impact analysis (ESIA)
  • Environmental Audit assessment (EA)
  • Preparation of Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP)
  • Preparation of Strategic Environmental Assessments (ESIA)
  • Environmental safeguards

Climate change

  • Mainstreaming climate change in development policies and strategies
  • Preparation of climate change adaptation and mitigation plans
  • CDM project designs (preparation of PIN, PDD)
  • Climate change scenarios analysis
  • Climate change impact projection and downscaling
  • Climate change vulnerability assessments
  • REDD+

Socioeconomic studies

  • Baseline studies
  • Demographic analysis
  • Livelihood analysis studies
  • Linkages of rural industries
  • Situational analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Strategic planning (organization and resource)
  • Institutional capacity building
  • Facilitation